Performing Area:     39 ft. X 46 ft. minimum
Full flying height of 66 ft.
Set of black velvet or analogous (light absorbing) legs, borders and back drop.

- The stage area and the wings should be cleared of scenery and other stored furniture and materials.
- 5 or 6 plans of flying facilities for legs and borders depending on the depth of the stage.
- Black curtain divided into 2 parts.
- 6 pipes with the sets, legs, borders, drops which can fly simultaneously.
- Special cabins of approximately 7' x 7' x 7' on both sides of the stage for quick changes.  These must be lighted.  These can be a cordoned off area that provides a degree of privacy by hanging drapes or something similar.
- 30 weights at approximately 22 lb. each to weigh down the legs.
- Stage Floor: Must have an air space between the dancing surface and the supporting surface.  The dancing surface cannot rest directly on concrete or marble.    Please note that if the floor does not meet this requirement, the Company will be unable to perform in order to avoid serious injuries.
- Minimum of 40ft X 45 ft. white or light gray marley ballet floor and splicing tape of the same color is required.   The Stage floor must be cleaned and washed.  Never waxed.
- Temperature: minimum of 18C (68F) must be maintained on stage and in the wings at all times.


The production needs access to a smoke machine and dry ice machine or a snow effect machine.


- Lighting equipment and filters according to the light plot provided by Moscow Classical Ballet.
- Lighting switchboard for operating the equipment.
- Footlights, or a strip light so the performers can see the edge of the apron of the stage.
- The company must be able to plug in special equipment (220 v).
- 3 follow spots are necessary for the soloists.
- The Moscow Classical Ballet tours with its own stage manager/lighting designer who will call the show and/or operate one of the boards.

Stage Equipment:    Monitor system on both sides of the stage in the openings.
Monitor section on the footlights.
Total power of the monitor sections 1w per 16 ft.
House Equipment:    Hard leg system of amplifiers on both sides of the stage.
Power - 10w per each seat of the house.

Switch Board Room Equipment:    2 double speed stereo tape recorders with the speeds 19.5 sm/second (7.5 IPS) and 38.1 sm/second (15 IPS) with the cassette holders fitting the tape CBEMA (SVEMA) type 4620-6P or BASF LGR 50, amount - 1000m.

- The tape recorder should have adapters for fixing the tape on both cassettes and bobbins.
- Stereo dimmer board to operate separately the hard leg and the monitor systems of the amplifiers.
- Microphone to lead the rehearsals and to make announcements during the show.
- A full track stereo reel to reel needs to be available.


Method of communication between the stage manager, flyman, lighting operator, sound operator, curtain operator, wardrobe, make-up, dressing room, and the follow spot operators.  


The Company demands a high standard of lighting excellence and therefore the crew size and stage working time must be made available to the Company in order to execute the lighting.

Set Up  (These people must be able to help with load in)
6 flymen
2 general stagehands
4 electricians (3 for each follow spot and one for the light board)
1 soundman
4 wardrobe (half day)

During Show
4 wardrobe (to arrive one hour prior to curtain)
6 flymen
4 electricians  (3 for each follow spot and one for the light board)
2 general stagehands
1 soundman

Load Out
8 people


The Company requires a minimum of 12 hours prior to curtain time to set up and prepare the show.  Take-in for all performances begins at 8:00 am, unless otherwise stipulated by the Company.  

Example of sample set-up:
12:00-1:00 pm
1:00-6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Show call
The company needs 5-10 children between the ages of 6 and 10 year old to participate in the rehearsals and performances.  The children need to be familiar enough with ballet to be able to sit still for a short period of time during the performances.  Of these children, only 1-2 should be boys, if any.
Generally the kids are recruited from local ballet studios.


The company needs 2 benches (large enough to fit 3 people on), 2 larger benches (big enough to fit 4 people on), and 6 armchairs.  These need to be a light color and of the "Barocco" style (ornate and having a curvy, soft form).


1:00-3:00 pm: Class
Whenever a rehearsal hall (studio) is available in the theatre, class will take place in such hall; a spring floor is a necessity and barres and mirrors are appreciated.  If no rehearsal hall is available, class will take place on stage, in which case a ballet barre needs to be provided.  Also, either a grand piano, a piano, or a high powered electric organ needs to be available during the class and rehearsal time.

3:00-6:00 pm: Rehearsals - Rehearsals take place on stage.

6:45-7:30 pm: Warm-up - The warm-up takes place on stage and is not completed until 1/2 hour before curtain time.  The Company will keep the curtain open until the class is completed unless otherwise decided by the Company's stage manager and the local manager.


1.  Require minimum space for 24 women and 20 men as well as 3 private dressing rooms for the Principal Dancers.

2.  Dressing Rooms must be cleaned, well-lit and heated to approximately 22C (74F) before the Company's arrival.

3.  Dressing rooms must have toilet facilities, showers and washbasins with hot and cold running water.

4.  Dressing rooms must be supplied with chairs, tables and mirrors and clothes racks.

5.  If there are no washrooms in the dressing rooms, private washrooms should be supplied for the dancers.  These should be separate from the audience and cordoned off.

6.  There must be a well lit space for make-up with tables and mirrors.


- A Wardrobe space with 4 ironing boards/tables, irons, steamers must be available.
- Costumes must be able to be washed and dry cleaned (washing machines and dryers are preferred).


- The Company is to be provided with sandwiches, coffee, juices and mineral water during the period after rehearsals and before performances.
- If two performances are scheduled in one day, hot meals need to be provided in between the performances.


- Sponsor shall provide transportation to a major international airport from the hotel At the end of the engagement, as well as transportation to and from the hotel and theatre.  


- The following hotel rooms shall be provided for the company for each evening of and prior to performance, including days of rehearsal for the nights of: 23 double rooms, and 12 single rooms.
- The hotel must be located no more than a 30 minute drive from the theater, but walking distance to the theater is always preferred.
- When possible, the company greatly appreciates having breakfast provided at the hotel.


- Accommodation for one company truck and one company bus, one tech van if company travels by road.

Any questions or for further information, contact the Company's Technical Director or the office of Robert Friedman Presents.